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House Cleaning Philosophy

Read the following articles to get an idea about the philosophy behind

The DOC Method for House Cleaning

Home Management: Turn Your House Cleaning Into An Agile Project

Minimalism and House Cleaning

The Broken Windows Theory and House Cleaning

The 80/20 Rule for House Cleaning

The Eisenhower Matrix and House Cleaning


The following articles will get you started on dealing with the clutter in your home...

How To Declutter Your Home

Coping With The Emotional Aspects Of Clutter Clearing

Closet Clutter


Get organized by finding a place for everything...

Keep It Simple With An Organized Home

Use a Home Organization Plan and Stop Being a Stuff Manager.

Closet Organizing Tips: Create a Closet Space that Gets Rid of the 'I Have Nothing to Wear' Feeling.

Garage Organization Tips: Don't Let Your Garage Become A Disorganized Dumping Ground.

Digital Organization.

Drawer Organizers.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers.

Clean: Kitchen

Some say that the kitchen is the heart of the home here are some tips to keep it clean...

Refrigerator Cleaning

Oven Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Learn How to Clean Granite Countertops and Keep Them Looking Lovely

Quick and Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Tips Make Cleaning Easy

Organizing Your Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Use The Right Kitchen Floor Cleaner to Let Your Floor Shine

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