Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets : What You Should Know Before You Begin

"Cleaning kitchen cabinets = hard work and no fun...

...but when it's done - you will smile from ear to ear every time you look at them."

~ Me

Years ago - the sight of my kitchen cabinets depressed me. There was no shine - just dullness helped with grime.

I swear my cabinets tasted every meal cooked in this kitchen.

Anyway, with some elbow grease, my cabinets are alive again.

All it took was finding the right product...

Today, I'm going to help you find the right product for cleaning the cabinets in your kitchen.

But first - you must consider a few things before you go searching for products.

  • How often do you cook?
  • What are your kitchen cabinets made of?

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets - How often do you cook?

Did you know that kitchen cabinets like food? Yes - they sneek a taste here and there while you're cooking. It is my humble opinion that this and this only, is the reason cleaning kitchen cabinets is necessary.;-)

I know what you're thinking - I'll stop cooking!

Naw - buying food everyday is too expensive. So what's left?

Move the cabinets out of the kitchen!

Who said that!? ;-)

Ok - let's get serious now.

Here's the point I'm trying to make - how often you cook can determine how often you clean your kitchen cabinets.

Because the more you cook the more grease and food particles cling to your kitchen cabinets. This causes your cabinets to look dull and in some cases - if you're honest - look disgusting.

Cleaning them regularly and with the right cleaning product are ways to make our cabinets look brand new again.

So - what is the right cleaning product for cleaning your kitchen cabinets?

Before you can answer that question - get to know your kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets - Know Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen cabinets wooden?

If you're nodding yes then be careful. Don't use anything that will take the paint off or ruin the varnished look.

I recommend using Murphy's oil soap. It's made especially for wooden surfaces in your home. And - it's easy to get - just check at Walmart or a Family Dollar.

Now - if you have metal cabinets, use a degreaser or some other form of cleaning power on your cabinets. Just make sure to use the proper amounts and dilute it so that it is safer for your metal cabinets.

Before I depart - here is are a few words of warning...

For the special woods and varnishes, check with the manufacturer before you use certain cleaners on them. Use care and caution when you are thinking about using the harsher chemicals. When possible - use a product that is made for cleaning kitchen cabinets and that will not be too abrasive.

Well that's it for now - get to work! :-)

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