Organize Your Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

The bathroom cleaning supplies needed to clean a bathroom are as numerous as the different surfaces and varieties of dirt and scum, which form in the area.

There is some or all of the following surfaces in many bathrooms such as porcelain, glass, mirror, chrome, tile, fiberglass and ceramic. Some of the soils that need cleaning are soap scum, dirt, rust, hard water deposits, mildew, stains and mold.

Because this can become overwhelming the best way to tackle cleaning a bathroom is by being organized and having the necessary bathroom cleaning supplies.

When your supplies are organized and together in one place, it makes cleaning the bathroom so much quicker and easier.

Go through all your cupboards and drawers and gather the bathroom cleaning supplies you use specifically for your bathroom cleaning together.

Throw away any products you have had for many years and never use, as they probably lost a lot of their effectiveness. Toss any that are almost finished or you do not use anymore, along with old, worn out, sponges and rags.

Find a large bucket or shelf and fill it with all of your cleaning supplies. Keep it well stocked with items you need to make your bathroom clean, fresh and sparkling.

Some of the items that you may use or need on a regular basis, for cleaning your bathroom, are window cleaner, sponges and rags, toilet, sink and bathtub cleaner, paper towels, duster, floor cleaner, tile cleaner and a good all-purpose cleanser.

Finding or making a cleaning product, that does more than one job, cuts down on the amount of different cleaning items needed and this saves you time in the end.

You do not need to load your shopping cart with cleaning supplies for your bathroom, as there are many great, simple, inexpensive recipes for making your own effective cleansers at home.

Many are more environmentally friendly and do not contain irritating fumes and harsh chemicals. Stock the cleaning supply bucket or cupboard with homemade cleaning solutions and sprays, to get rid of household dirt and grime.

Here are a couple of great cleaning products to add to your supplies.

  • In a spray bottle, mix a cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. Use this spray to clean the outside of the toilet, floors, countertops and shower stalls. For tough bathroom dirt, mix a cup of white vinegar and a cup of hot water. Spray this heated mixture on, leave it for ten minutes, so it softens stubborn hard water deposits, and soap scum, scrub and then rinse. Undiluted white vinegar also works great for cleaning toilets, showerheads and dissolving hard water deposits.
  • Make a great, inexpensive glass and mirror cleaner by mixing one cup of rubbing alcohol, a cup of water and one tablespoon of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Simply spray on and wipe off with a lint-free cloth or paper towels. You can also replace the white vinegar with a tablespoon of non-suds ammonia instead, for a tough, all-purpose cleaner.
  • To keep bathroom drains clear, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar and leave this for an hour. Flush with warm water. This also works for kitchen sinks, bathtub and shower drains.

Cleaning is not most people's idea of fun but by keeping your bathroom cleaning supplies organized you will finish the job faster and have more time to relax and enjoy your day.

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