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Ceramic Tile Cleaning Lets the Tiles Beauty and Luster Shine Through

With a little ceramic tile cleaning your ceramic floors and tiles will look as lovely today as they did the day you had them installed. Ceramic tiles come in two basic types, which are unglazed and glazed.

Along with cleaning the ceramic tiles you must give some attention and care to the grout between the tiles. Grout gives your floor or walls a finished look, as it fills the spaces in between each tile.

Grout comes in several colors and types but they all require cleaning and maintenance to remain in good shape. They often use unglazed ceramic tiles on floors and countertops. Unglazed tiles require more attention than a glazed ceramic tile does.

They traditionally use glazed tiles on floors, walls and countertops and these tiles have a tough, almost glasslike surface. Ceramic tiles are available in many finishes such as matte, glossy or textured.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning For Unglazed Tiles

Always sweep or vacuum your unglazed tile floor regularly to remove any dirt or gritty particles. Wash the floor with a mild soap-free detergent and warm water.

You can also damp-mop unglazed tiles with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and dry with a soft cloth to avoid any streaking. Use the same solution on a sponge, for cleaning unglazed wall tiles.

Never use strong soaps, abrasives or acids on unglazed ceramic tiles. You should seal unglazed or matte ceramic tiles with a commercial sealer, as they are very porous and stain. On any ceramic floor, wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning for Glazed Tiles

Sweep or vacuum your floor before cleaning. Damp mop the floor, using warm water and a soap-free mild detergent. Rinse with clean, warm water.

For walls and shower walls, a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and warm water often removes soap scum and dirt. Use chlorine bleach and water to clean dingy, dirty grout.

Apply this solution, scrub with a grout brush or toothbrush and rinse. Use this only on light, non-colored grout. You can also use a mixture of fifty-percent hydrogen peroxide and fifty-percent warm water in a spray bottle to clean grout.

On stubborn stains, spray on shaving cream, leave for a few minutes and rinse off. Never use anything abrasive, such as scouring powders, on your ceramic tile as they could scratch the finish.

By regularly ceramic tile cleaning and wiping up spills immediately you will keep your floors, countertops and walls looking wonderful.

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