Speed Cleaning Tips

Worthless! That's what my speed cleaning tips are for you unless you have a house cleaning plan that includes checklists and a house cleaning schedule. So get to work on those first...

Okay, now that you have you plan sorted out - let's get to work.

If you're like me, cleaning is never fun, but learning some speed cleaning tips that make jobs faster and easier certainly helps.

General Speed Cleaning Tips

  • Keep all your cleaning supplies in a bucket so you can carry them from room to room. You need glass cleaner, powder cleanser, all-purpose cleaners, furniture polish, and rubber gloves. In addition, you need a tub and tile brush, old toothbrush for tiny areas, and a couple of stiff bristled paintbrushes for dusting lampshades, wicker and ornaments.

  • Always clean a room from top to bottom or highest to lowest, so your floor or carpet is done last.

Speed Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

  • Clean the bathroom after someone takes a bath or shower because the steam loosens the dirt, making cleaning easier.

  • Soaking your shower curtain in a salt-water solution, before you hang it, prevents mildew.

  • Pour vinegar into the shower door track; let it soak for a five minutes and then rinse. In your toilet, pour some bleach and then put the lid down, leaving it until you finish cleaning.

  • In a small bathroom, use a damp sponge with an all-purpose spray cleanser, to wash your floor.

  • Use a sponge mop to clean the shower walls. It is fast and saves you from stretching and bending.

  • Throw two denture tablets in the toilet before bed. In the morning, just run your toilet brush around a few times and flush. Your toilet will be clean and fresh.

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Speed Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

  • Make a quick and easy cleaning solution by using one-quarter cup of automatic dishwasher detergent, which you dissolve in a gallon of hot water. This works great for cleaning stoves, floors, refrigerators, glass and walls. Dry or wipe with a cloth after.

  • White vinegar on a soft cloth makes stainless steel shine and removes water spots. Use a cloth to dry afterwards.

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Miscellaneous tips

  • Make sure, when you are having company, that you quickly wash and clean all the doors in your home. For some reason, it makes your whole house feel cleaner and look good.

  • Use a little toothpaste to quickly remove crayon marks off painted walls.

  • Paste wax removes tar from shoes and floors.

These speed cleaning tips will help you have your place looking shiny and sparkling in no time at all.

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