House Cleaning Checklists: Never Forget To Clean Under The Bed!

It was inevitable that it would happen. Back in 2011 I lost my phone in a public bathroom. There was some bad language and some crying then frenzied online password changes for online banking and emails. From that day on I have a mental checklist running through my head anytime I leave a place. Especially a bathroom.

Cards, keys, phone. This is my mental checklist before I leave anywhere. Cards for money, and drivers license. Keys so I don't get locked out, and my poor phone which I had the tendency to leave in the weirdest places.

Why am I telling you all this?

To tell you what I know for sure. If you want to do something right every time you need a checklist. My mental checklist keeps me from forgetting things. Having house cleaning checklists reminds you or others living with you to clean under the sofa or under the bed.

House cleaning checklists keeps you on track, you don't have to wonder if you vacuumed yesterday. It makes sure that everything is covered and can serve as a how to for cleaning. For example, you can have a checklist of all the things that need to be done to make sure the refrigerator gets cleaned the way you want it.

So to clean house you need multiple house cleaning checklists. A list for daily household chores. Another for weekly chores and others for every room in the house. Even a cleaning checklist for cleaning the toilet will be helpful.

Here is a short version of the kitchen cleaning checklist from How To Keep It Clean. Click here to see what it looks like when saved to a pdf. Find out how you can make your own house cleaning checklists like this below...

house cleaning checklists

You can make your own house cleaning checklists here. Be sure to read the instructions. One caveat though: this works best with Chrome web browser so if you are using any other browser your result will look different.

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