A Window Cleaning Kit Gives Your House a Well Maintained Appearance

Actually, using a window cleaning kit gives your windows and home a well-maintained appearance from outside, which reflects back on you.

Clean windows that sparkle and shine improve the overall look of a home. Inside, clean windows make rooms appear cleaner, better kept and less cluttered.

Keeping your windows clean lets you see outside clearly, without having to try to look through the dirt, to see what kind of a day it is or watch your children play in the yard.

In cold or snowy weather, the sun shining through a clean window not only helps you save on your electric bill but also helps to heat up your home. Using a window cleaning kit properly will mean you no longer have to close your blinds or draw the drapes because company is coming and your windows are filthy.

Many people shy away from cleaning their windows because it is not a fast or easy task. With a cleaning kit and a little practice, the job of window cleaning becomes so much easier and quicker, you do not dread cleaning them. It will not be long before you are cleaning windows like a professional.

Depending on the company, several or all of these items are included in a standard or deluxe window cleaning kit:

  • Window scrubber - The scrubber applies the cleaning solution to the window and removes dirt, grime and dust quickly, so it saves you time. There are also pivoting windows scrubbers available for easy reach and effortless scrubbing.

  • Window cleaning solution - The window cleaning solution is usually a concentrate, so a little goes a long way.

  • Squeegees - There are multiple size squeegees such as, an eight-inch, twelve inch or eighteen inch squeegee, so you have the correct size for every job. Some kits contain a squeegee with a pivoting handle, which is perfect for difficult to clean windows such as half moon shaped or hard to reach corners. Using a squeegee lets you dry your windows quickly, easily and spotlessly.

  • Low Lint Towels - These towels shine your windows without leaving any lint or residue on the glass.

  • Buckets - Buckets are available in sizes from one gallon up to a six-gallon rectangular pail that fits your entire window cleaning supplies, in between cleaning windows. This lets you store your cleaning kit neatly and keeps your accessories all in one place.

There are also accessories available such as an extension or telescoping pole so you can clean high windows or ones on the second floor. Other accessories available include chamois, towels, dusters and pivoting handles. A window cleaning kit makes window cleaning easy, streak free and extremely fast...

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