Vacuum Sweepers For Light Cleaning

A vacuum sweeper is a great idea for lightweight cleaning or to freshen up the carpet or flooring between vacuuming. These sweepers can be battery operated, have a small electrical motor, or can be operated without a motor of any kind depending on the model that you choose.

The battery operated models are very lightweight and usually are mounted on a wall bracket. The bracket contains the charger unit, so the vacuum sweeper is constantly charging when not in use. Corded models are often a bit larger and heavier, but still weigh less than 5 pounds. The cordless models are usually somewhat less, averaging 3 to 3.8 pounds, depending on the model. Vacuum sweepers can have Hepa filters and all the attachments that you would find on a full size vacuum at considerably less cost.

Vacuum sweepers that operate without a motor use the wheels as the source of action to move the cleaning heads. These systems provide a trap for the debris just above the rollers. These sweepers, while great for spills and light cleaning, are not effective for pet hairs or other heavy cleaning projects. Most of the models can be used on either carpet or flooring and are very safe for use on hardwood flooring. Always check the manufactures instructions before using the sweeper on any surface.

To care for your vacuum sweeper simply complete the following steps after each use:

  • Completely clean the dirt trap, dirt canister or monitor the bag to ensure that it is not to the fill line. Cleaning the vacuum sweeper frequently will help prevent overheating of the motor or redistribution of dust or debris back onto the carpet or floor.

  • Remove any string, objects or debris from the rollers or cleaning brushes. This prevents scratching of the floor surface and possible damage to the rollers.

  • Clean all hoses within the sweeper and clear all blockages as soon as they occur. On some models this will not be applicable, especially the non-motorized sweepers.

  • Check the roller brush belt and replace if cracked or damaged. This is a simple procedure and can easily be done at home but can also be completed by any appliance or vacuum repair service.

Vacuum sweepers are not designed to be used in heavily soiled areas. If the floor area is excessively covered with debris or dirt consider manually sweeping first and then using the vacuum sweeper to pick up the fine dust and particles.

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