Get the Best Vacuum Cleaners Ratings: Don't Waste Your Time and Money When Buying a New Vacuum Cleaner

There are several different companies and focus groups that offer vacuum cleaners ratings.

When considering a new vacuum - it is well worth the time to browse through the various vacuum cleaners ratings.

Find out what other consumers or research groups have to say about the machine you want.

Ratings are completed differently on different sites - so it is important to ensure consistency within the rating groups.

Be certain you are comparing the same cost - model - and style of vacuum cleaner between organizations.

The Breakdown for Vacuum Cleaners Ratings

Most rating groups break down vacuums into the various styles. These include canister models - uprights - cylinder model - models that use bags or models that are bag free.

In addition, there are some cordless models and hand-held models that also may be included in the vacuum cleaners ratings.

Determining the vacuum that most closely meets your needs is the first step in determining which reviews or ratings you need to focus on.

People usually have preferences for the larger cylinder or upright models or the smaller and lighter canister or hand-held vacuums.

Once you have determined the style of vacuum you want you can then begin checking the ratings for the various brands and models.

Consider the power or airflow capacity of the vacuum. More airflow and capacity means more cleaning power, but usually also means a heavier and more expensive vacuum.

Also consider the additional features of each vacuum, which will usually be rated separately on the review.

If you plan to use your vacuum for upholstery, drapes, vacuuming stairs or other hard to get to places the attachments may be just as important as the carpet attachment.

Consider too if you wish to use the vacuum for wet and dry surfaces or just dry areas.

Last, be sure to check the manufacturers warranty. This is very important as a good quality vacuum is a fairly expensive purchase and you should be protected for at least one year on the warranty.

If you are buying a vacuum over the internet be sure to check the ratings and reviews for service options and repairs, as often you have to send the vacuum back at your cost.

Overall look for a vacuum that has high ratings consistently across several vacuum cleaners ratings sites, not just a high rating on one site.

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