Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers To The Rescue

Trailer mounted pressure washers are great for those extremely remote jobs where both power and water may be difficult to access.

One of the most important features of a trailer mounted unit is that there is usually a substantial water tank that goes along with the pressure washer to eliminate the need for hoses and water sources.

Many of the larger pressure washers have 200-500 gallon water tanks that are great for both home and industrial use.

Often trailer mounted pressure washers are either gasoline or diesel powered, but there are also some customized units that are electrically powered.

The trailer mounted washers may be either single axle or double axle, depending on the type of traveling you plan to do with the unit.

The heavier units with the more powerful motors and larger water tanks usually come with dual axles for towing safety and stability when on the highway.

High pressure trailer washers should be used with the appropriate safety features in mind.

All operators should be adults, children may have difficulty controlling the up to 5 gallon per minute and 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch) capacity and washing power of the larger units.

All operators should wear protective goggles to prevent flying debris from damaging eyes or the sensitive areas around the eyes.

Operators should always stay as far back from the pressurized spray as possible.

Try to spray or wash towards an open area rather than towards a solid wall or area, as this will prevent the spray from coming back on the user.

Avoid the spray that contains cleaning chemicals and immediately rinse clothing and skin that comes in contact with either the concentrated or diluted cleaner.

Trailer mounted pressure washers are idea for cleaning areas such as driveways, patios, decks and sidewalks. They are also great for removing peeling paint and dirt from the outside of buildings prior to repainting or repairing.

Be sure to adjust the pressure setting when using the large, high pressure units on delicate items including lawn furniture as the pressure can cause fabric or wood to be damaged.

Always use the minimum amount of pressure necessary to clean the area to avoid any type of surface damage.

Keep the wand or nozzle moving and try to avoid holding the pressurized water in one position for too long or it may damage the surface area by pitting or removing paint.

A trailer mounted pressure washer provides mobility and power, a great combination for all types of outdoor cleaning and washing needs.

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