Toward A Self Cleaning House

by Fayola Gaia

Rosie the Robot Maid

Rosie the Robot Maid

Can you imagine having a self cleaning house?

What would something like that even look like?

Would it have reversible parts that automatically switch when one side needs cleaning?

Or will it be like a car wash except that it is internal and external washing?

Over the decades house cleaning aids have come to our rescue in the form of cleaning solutions, washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, rombas etc. Now we can use our smart phones to tell the roomba to get to work. We've even come up with way to reduce the amount of cleaning we do through the ideas of minimalism, hiding stuff in storage containers or just hiring someone to do the work for us via recommendation applications on our phones.

In fact, most articles on this house cleaning website is geared toward creating a home that is quick and easy to clean with the help of project management techniques, the less is more concept, only holding on to essential items all in an effort to gain more freedom in the form of time in order to do other things.

But where is that self cleaning house?

In this article I stretch my imagination a bit by comparing the journey toward a self cleaning house to that of driverless vehicles.

So, how do we get there, what's next leap?... Do we make everything in our homes 'smart' and program a house cleaning schedule and tasks in Alexa or our phones to get the house clean be I get home from work.

Growing up the closest version of an imagined self cleaning house was using a robot to do the work. Remember Rosie the robot maid from the Jetsons with all the cleaning equipment stored in her tummy? (rosie-jetson.png)

How about we let Rosie be the house rather than the maid? Yes, let's live inside of the robot! Give me a couple of years - I'm still thinking this through.

Wait - here's another futuristic crazy idea. How about tiny drones, which come together and form into a cleaning tool for specific cleaning jobs. (Yes sometimes I watch to much tv!)

While there does not seem to be a plan toward a self cleaning house maybe the plan for driveless vehicles can help us get there.

The phases of research for getting to driverless vehicles starts from a non-automated human phase to a fully automated system phase.

  • A human driver monitors the environment

  • An automated driving system monitors the driving environment

Right now driverless vehicles are being tested all over the world.

Maybe self cleaning houses are not to far behind. Starting from the invention of soap to cleaning equipment, to self cleaning appliances.

Here is a list of some interesting and curious cleaning advances:

  • Soap

  • Technological help involving electricity like the washing machine and vacuum cleaner, dish washer, etc

  • Massive improvements on appliances (romba), lighter and easier to clean vacuum cleaners and other hard surface cleaners.

  • AI Appliances from the internet of things era which we are currently in.

  • Improvements in building materials and cleaning solutions.

  • Pressure washers for external cleaning.

  • Self cleaning clothing.

  • Self organizing dustbins.

  • Self cleaning ceramics that rid the air of pollution.

  • Full trash can notifiers

While some of these may appear frivilous, I'm glad that people a still thinking of ways to lessen the house cleaning duties requiring a human at the wheel. Maybe some day we'll eventually get to our self cleaning homes.

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