There is no academy award for house cleaning!

by Trisha Eberhardt
(CT, United States)

In cleaning any room, always clean highest area, ceiling and upper corners, to lowest area so dust and dirt falls down to floor which will be vaccum and mopped last.

My mother once said "Clean the corners and the center of the room will clean itself." This means get after the nooks and cranies and then go after the flat surfaces.

Also, clean your way from the room most remote, to nearest the door, and then clean yourself right out the door, do not backtrack! Once a surface is clean, don't touch it again.

Play loud, aggressive rock music and get your mojo working so you can clean with a mean killer spirit.

Reward yourself when done, tackle just one room at a time, and then rest.

Don't kill yourself making it perfect, there is no academy award for cleaning.

Peace, Trisha

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Jun 15, 2011
how to maintain with minimum maintenance?
by: Anonymous

That was a really nice post about cleaning. And since am a male I find it hardest to maintain a clean than to clean it. I cannot frequently clean my room as I have a busy schedule and am a bachelor . Do you have any tips for bachelors like us so that we can keep the room clean with minimum maintenance.

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