How to Organize Your Kitchen In One Day

The kitchen is one of the rooms in our homes that sees a lot of action. There always seems to be a dish that needs to be cleaned, a meal to be cooked, a floor which acts as a magnet for any food you intend to put into your mouth.

But even with all this, there is a way to help in making the kitchen less of a time suck when it comes to keeping it clean and ready for the next meal preparation session.

Yes - when you organize your kitchen - you make it quicker and easier to navigate.

You can get it done in one day by first decluttering, then taking advantage of proximity and finally optimize how you utilized your refrigerator.

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Start By Throwing Out the Old and Unused

The first lesson on how to organize your kitchen begins with a hard look at the current refrigerator contents and cabinet supplies. You need to throw away -

  • Anything that's expired;
  • Anything that smells or is leaking from the container;
  • Anything that you don't recognize - especially in the freezer.

After you've done this, you will notice your kitchen has lightened up dramatically.

Next - you need to start putting aside items that you don't use - that cheesecake pan or those old canned goods. These sorts of items aren't unusable, but if you're not going to use them in the next couple of months, you might want to just donate them to a charity center.

This includes appliances that you don't use or that you don't need.

Determine How You Cook and Use Proximity to Your Advantage

Many people don't realize that how they cook is often the main reason for kitchen disorganization. If you're always looking for something you need - then still putting them back into places that don't make sense then this can slow you down.

So even in the midst of cooking and cleaning as you go, take some time to also put back spices and other tools in their correct places. Ofcourse - once you're done with them.

Here are some tips that may make sense for you depending on how your kitchen is setup. You will notice - it's all about proximity...

  • Place cups and mugs close to tea and coffee supplies.
  • Have your eating utensils near your plates and serving dishes.
  • Put cooking utensils in a drawer near the stove.
  • Place spices in cabinets near the stove and cooking pans.

Think about how you would ideally have your kitchen setup and then start moving items to those areas. Items you don't use on a regular basis can go in out of reach cabinets and spaces until you do need them.

Moving these items is a large task in how to organize your kitchen - but since this system makes sense to you - it will be easier to maintain.

Optimize How You Use Your Refrigerator

Think about ways to store items so that you know they're available and so that they're not wasted. Use the bottom drawer, for example, not for crisping vegetables, but for items that you don't want to eat regularly - sweets, creams, etc.

Place vegetables on the top shelves in clear view, meats and perishables on the bottom shelf to reduce the possibility of spilling onto other foods.

Make sure you only have enough food to comfortably fit into your shelves - that way, you will always use up what you have and keep things neat.

For more tips on how to organize your home you can checkout more articles here.

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