Breathe Easier With An Oreck Air Cleaner

With the use of an Oreck air cleaner you and your family can breathe easier.

Millions of people suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma and air related allergies. This causes many concerns about health issues.

The air inside your home enables virus, bacteria, germs and fungi to grow and when inhaled and these often cause problems such as flu, respiratory infections and other illnesses. This is why the quality of the air inside our homes or workplace is so important to our daily living.

Because more people than ever are concerned about the air quality, they are buying an Oreck air cleaner or Oreck XL air cleaner, to ensure that they breathe clean air that is free of pollutants.

Oreck air cleaners not only remove indoor air pollution effectively but also give you crisp, clean, fresh, breathable air.

Captured and then destroyed by the Oreck air cleaner are viruses, fungi, mold, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants.

The stuffy, unpleasant smelling odors are gone.

With an Oreck XL air cleaner or Oreck air cleaners, you have less dusting to do, because the quality of the air in your home is improved.

The Oreck XL air cleaner has an advanced filtration system that has the following:

  1. Pre-filter - The pre-filter removes mold, smoke, dander and many other particles, by drawing in dirty air using a powerful fan.

  2. Positive Charging Wires - This exclusive technology electro-statically charges particles using an ionization curtain. Combined high-voltage forces and dehydration, ionization causes the microbes to die.

  3. Particle Collection - Designed with a special spacing, surface area and voltage, the electrostatic collector cell works similar to a magnet, by catching and destroying charged particles. You save money because you never need to replace it and the particle collection carries a lifetime warranty.

  4. Odor Absorber Plus - With Oreck air cleaners, you smell only clean, fresh air because they remove household odors.

  5. Oxygenation - It changes harmful ozone back into breathable, pure oxygen. This is optional on some models.

  6. Air Revitalize - Although you can turn this off and on, when turned on it gives out negative ions that freshen and clean stale air.

Oreck air purifiers completely revitalize the air in a room quickly, destroying pet dander, bacteria, allergens, household dust and other unhealthy particles.

It traps and destroys ninety-five percent of airborne particles, including minute ones.

After you purchase and use and Oreck air cleaner and breathe clean, crisp air, the only thing you will wonder about is why you did not purchase one sooner.

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