A Magnetic Window Cleaner Takes the Pane Out Of Cleaning

The windows in your home give you a view of the world outside and using a magnetic window cleaner makes this view that much clearer.

Most people do not like cleaning windows and unfortunately this shows, especially on a sunny day. It can be very embarrassing having company and needing to draw the drapes, so they cannot see your dirty windows.

Dirty windows can make the outside of your home look unkempt and poorly maintained. If you get into the habit of cleaning your windows on a regular basis they do not get as dirty in between and this makes the job much faster and easier.

There is a product on the market today which makes window cleaning safe, easy and fast. A magnetic window cleaner lets you clean hard to reach spots without needing a ladder or leaning out the window.

It works great on windows such as apartment windows, second floor windows, skylights and conservatories, which are very difficult or impossible to clean using a ladder.

There are cleaning units available that clean both single pane and double pane glass and they all have a safety string, which prevent any accidents from occurring.

A magnetic window cleaner system uses powerful, ultra strong internal magnets that lock both sides of the window cleaner together through the glass. They work together so you clean both sides of the glass at once, quickly and easily.

This is not only so much faster than traditional window cleaning methods but is much safer. This allows you to clean the windows outside, which would be impossible to do, without hiring a professional window cleaning company.

You clean the outside of the glass window at the same time as the glass inside because the powerful magnets lock the two sides together. When you move the inside cleaner, this also moves the outside cleaner simultaneously.

Each of the cleaning sides on the magnetic cleaner has a rubber squeegee and a cleaning sponge. When moved one way, the sponge wets and cleans the glass and then squeegees the glass, when moved the other way.

To use your magnetic cleaner, you just open the window a little, place one side of the magnetic cleaner on the outside of the wet glass, and place the inside magnetic cleaner against it, on the inside. Move the inside magnetic cleaner and the outside magnetic cleaner follows.

Some magnetic cleaners have cleaning trays, which you open and place either a paper towel or cloth on, to finish cleaning your window by shining the glass. By using the magnetic window cleaner, you get a streak free, clean, polished finish with very little effort.

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