Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners: Perfect For Hard To Clean Areas

Lightweight vacuum cleaners are a great options for small areas or those hard to reach and clean rugs, drapes and items. Stairs are a perfect place for a lightweight vacuum cleaner to really be an asset.

These small and very powerful cleaners are also great for people that have limited mobility or those individuals that have difficulty working with the larger, heavier uprights and canister models.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners can be several different styles. Some of the more common lightweight vacuums are also known as hand-held vacuum and may be either corded or cordless. Some vacuums even have an upright or canister model with a detachable lightweight vacuum that can be used on upholstery or even stairs.

Historically the lightweight vacuums have been relatively less powerful than the canister or upright models, but this has changed dramatically. Many of the lightweight models are very powerful with rechargeable batteries and bagless features that make them perfect for fast clean ups. Some models of lightweight vacuum cleaners also have attachments that can be used for cleaning in small areas or even for cleaning vehicles.

Lightweight vacuum cleaners on the market range from about 3.6 pounds to up to 5 pounds in weight. When purchasing a lightweight cleaner consider the following points:

  • Weight - how much does the vacuum weigh with all the attachments.

  • Attachments - what are available. Some of the lightweight cleaners have all the same attachments of a full-sized vacuum whereas others only have the standard tube type cleaner head.

  • Battery- if you are considering a cordless model what is the life of the battery and how long is the recharging process.

  • Corded or cordless - if you are going to use the vacuum in an RV, vehicle, boat or other area a cordless may be the most appropriate choice. If you will only use it in the house perhaps a corded is the right model.

  • Power - what will you need to clean? For spills and other mess clean ups a more powerful unit is usually better. For cleaning blinds, carpets, upholstery or other furniture a lighter model that is less powerful may be all that is required.

  • Price - what price range is acceptable to you? Lightweight vacuums range from under twenty dollar up to over one hundred dollars.

Researching the various models and brands over the internet as well as reading some reviews from other consumers will help you decide which model and brand is right for your needs.

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