The House Cleaning Tracker: Tracking The Amount of Time You Spend Cleaning Could Reveal Your Cleaning Type

I recently read an article about self-tracking. It's about people who quantify their lives using sensors for running, sleeping, for tracking body weight and any other number of things. My initial gut feeling when I started reading the article was...

"This is crazy!"

Then I realized that we do the same thing when it comes to house cleaning. When we keep track of chores, "Whose turn is it and was it done well". House cleaning schedules and checklists. In other words, we don't rely on our memories.

One good way for us to track our house cleaning is to measure the amount of time that we actually spend cleaning. It suprised me a few months about when I found out from another article that the most hardcore cleaners around us only spent 5 hours a week cleaning while those cleaning avoiders spend 2.5 hours per week cleaning.

In the article, "The Cleanest Homes of All" by Ellen Byron one of the interviewee's Beth Simermeyer explains five cleaning types.

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  1. Cleaning Routinists: the hardcore cleaners who put in the extra elbow grease. They are 21% of consumers and spend 5 hours cleaning per week.

  2. Quick and Convenient: These make up 24% of consumers and they spend 4.5 hours per week cleaning.

  3. Cleaning is Nirvana: 19% of consumers find joy in cleaning but are not as hardcore as the routinists. They spend 4 hrs and 18 minutes cleaning per week.

  4. Time-pressured appearance cleaners are 15% of consumers, spending 3 hours per week on "drive-by" cleaning.

  5. Cleaning Avoiders are 21% of consumers. They don't want to clean and spend only 2.5 hours per week doing it.

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I don't know why, but for some reason I thought that these numbers would be bigger. There always seems a lot of cleaning to be done and that I spend my life doing just that. Well I put my little theory to the test.

Classifying myself as one of those quick and convienient cleaners that spend 4.5 hours per week cleaning, I started timing all my cleaning duties. As it turns out, I am one of those time-pressured appearance cleaners that spends 3 hours per week on drive-by cleaning.

So, which cleaning type are you?

No matter what your cleaning type is, at some point it has to get done and one way to make sure you don't miss anything is with checklists. So before you start your cleaning today click here to make your own house cleaning checklist.

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