House Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers and More...

by Colleen Dothan
(Alabama, United States)

First - for people who have cats...

When the dried up cat litter gets stuck to the floor, toilet, sink, bathtub, I use a cleaner that I found to clean ANYTHING!!! It has no harsh fumes, and is safe for everything. Its called "Awesome".

The only place I have seen it is at the dollar tree. I stock up and buy like 10 bottles at a time - spray it on there and let it sit for about 2 min. and its all done!

Next, I have a black couch and a white cat - so you can imagine how my couch looks. I take packing tape, wrap it around my hand, and rub away!

Finally, I have a fabric shower curtain, and didn't know that you had to use a liner behind it, so lets just say, it was covered in soap scum.

I called my mom and she said to wash it in the washing machine with 3 big towels(that helps with winkles) and take it out before the spin cycle and hang dry on the curtain rod in the bathroom.

Not only does it clean the curtain, but it makes the bathroom smell so good while it drys!

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Cleaning Tip for Washing The Dog in the Bathtub...

by CJ Townsend
(Vancouver, Washington, United States)

Hate washing the dog in the bathtub because of all the hair it leaves?

Use a good hair filter in the tup drain, rinse what you can into the filter, and then let the tub dry.

When it's dry and there is leftover hair that didn't make it to the filter (which you've cleaned out already), use an attachment on your vacuum cleaner (just the long tube thing is fine, no other attachment necessary) and vacuum up the stray hair escapees.

In fact, vacuum all over the bathroom and fixtures to get stray hairs, lint, dust off everything, even all around the toilet and the base of it (the dust brush attachment works well for this, use it anywhere dust settles in the bathroom).

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Preparing Your Cat for Spring Cleaning

by Qamar Ahmad
(Ranchi, Jharkhand, India)

As humans are packing away their winter coats and sweaters, cats are preparing for warmer weather by shedding.

This can really derail your cleaning plans - and if you are one of the estimated 10 percent of the population with pet allergies it can signal the beginning of sneezing, watery eyes and a runny nose.

Get out those mops and put on your rubber gloves because spring is here and it's time to clean house!

Many pet owners are getting ready to tackle their to-do lists and spruce up their home. As you make plans to sweep and dust, consider including a few activities to make the next few weeks easier on you and your cat.

Brush Your Cat: A thorough brushing several times a week goes a long way towards curbing shedding.

Some grooming tools remove loose fur and dander in the undercoat, further reducing the amount of stray fur to clean up.

Breeds with long coats sometimes require the use of a de-matting tool. The FURminator de-Shedding Tool is the best grooming tool we've ever found.

Most veterinarians and professional groomers swear by it. It can reduce shedding by as much as 90 percent just check

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Pet Urine Stains For DIY pet odor and stain removal...

by Jerry
(Mount Joy, PA, United States)

Pet Urine Stains For DIY pet odor and stain removal, it is easiest if you have a small extractor, but they can be addressed with very little effort without.

If the stain is fresh, blot up moisture with folded towel, to remove as much as possible. Next step is to add Vinegar and water mixed 50/50, add enough to saturate. (if you have some enzyme cleaner it too can be added).

Let sit for 30 minutes and blot up with a towel by standing/stamping with your foot. Most importantly is to dry the area as fast as possible. Use a oscillating fan.

Now, if the stain reappears later, use some 30 volume developer, available at beauty salons, (this is 30% Hydrogen Peroxide). Be sure to test on an inconspicuous area first to assure the fiber doesn't bleach. (30 is safe on 98% of all fabrics).

Simply place a spray top on the Developer bottle, most of your household spray tops will fit, just be sure to flush spray top out first with water. Be sure to wear gloves when using the developer, it will dry your skin immediately.

Spray the solution on the spot and watch it disappear immediately.

Good Luck!

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Jun 08, 2012
Even Easier way to clean Urine!
by: laurie

I have been cleaning professionaly for 37 years. I read the procedure on cleaning the pet urine from carpets and upholstrey. Forget the vineger and water step. Just take clean rags and place on top of the spot and step on them with your feet to draw out as much urine as you can then pour straight 1% hydrogen peroxide right onto the spot, let sit for about a minute and put clean rags on top again and use your feet or get down and use your hands!!! Done!! No stain! No smell!! An air conditioned home is fine for drying or ceiling fan! No worries! This works for #2 and just plain old dirt spots or koolade spills! I promise!! I have been doing this for years!

Sep 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

great tips. thanks!

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