Gas Powered Pressure Washers Take the Pressure Out of Cleaning

Gas powered pressure washers make outdoor cleaning jobs so much faster, efficient and easier than trying to do the same job using your garden hose or a scrub brush and bucket of soapy water.

A gas engine and pump turn your garden hose into a high-performance cleaning machine, which provides professional looking cleaning results quickly, easily and inexpensively.

If you dread the idea of washing your deck or cleaning the siding on your house or removing years of mildew from your outdoor wooden furniture, it is time to shop for a pressure washer.

The two most popular powered pressure washers for home use are electric and gas. The lighter duty pressure washers are electric and are perfect for doing jobs such as cleaning boats, fences, washing cars, cleaning patio furniture and decks.

You need a power outlet, as they are electric, so you must plug it in to work. They are quiet, easy to operate, low maintenance and inexpensive to purchase.

Electric washers normally supply approximately 1,400 pounds per square inch of water pressure and use 1.5 gallons of water per minute. These are suitable for anyone that only uses a pressure washer occasionally and has light jobs for it to perform.

Gas powered pressure washers are a far better investment for a homeowner that will use it frequently or has heavier and more varied tasks to perform.

A gas powered residential washer works well for heavy-duty jobs that require far more power to do than an electric pressure washer can supply.

They are capable of heavy vehicle cleaning, paint preparation, and removing stubborn stains from concrete. They supply anywhere from 1,750 to 4,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Gas pressure washers are completely portable, as you have no electric cords to plug in. Some gas-powered washers do not use the garden hose to draw water, but draw water from another source, so you can work in other areas without this restriction.

All gas powered pressure washers use regular unleaded gas and have 4-cycle engines.

Use only detergents customized specifically for pressure washers and the particular cleaning jobs. The proper detergents will drastically reduce the time it takes to remove dirt, tough stains, grease and other grime.

You should always apply the detergent using a low-pressure spray setting and let it sit for a while, giving it a chance to soak in. This way it breaks down the grime and dirt so it is easier to remove.

Gas powered pressure washers certainly make outdoor residential cleaning easier and faster.

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