Considerations For Choosing A Garage Organizer

Choosing the right garage organizer will help you keep tools, sports equipment, camping gear and all the other items in your garage in a neat and orderly fashion.

These organizers are usually sold by the unit and each unit has unique features that will work with different items.

Take the time to understand what you will be storing in your garage so you will be prepared to choose the components that will be most useful.

Below are some basic components you may need for your garage -

Overhead storage

Usually made of durable hard plastic, wire or metal, these overhead storage bins are mounted to the wall or directly to the ceiling.

The overhead storage bins are great for those items that are not used frequently such as Christmas decorations or other seasonal items.

The bins can be different sizes from narrow and flat to deep and wide.

Overly heavy items should not be stored in overhead bins unless very secure.

Bicycle and equipment racks

Lightweight yet sturdy these are a great way to keep season sporting goods safe and protected without cluttering up the wall areas of your garage.


These cabinets or lockers are used to keep bottles, cans, and other objects out the way, safe and dry and free from exposure to heat.

Some cabinets are locking for safe storage of hazardous or poisonous chemicals.

Storage cabinets can be floor to ceiling size or can be only two to three feet high with a counter top or work surface on the top.

Tool Organizers

These attach directly to a wall or a door, and can be adjusted to hold either long or short handled garden tools, or small or large hand tools.

The racks may be square and very large or simply a single tool organizer for lawn equipment.


Shelving can be very wide and oversized or can be a standard width.

The shelving units may be wood, metal, plastic or a combination of all three materials.

Generally the brackets holding the shelving will be metal and the shelves themselves will be wood or plastic.

Most garage organizers are designed to be used in a mix and match fashion. Purchasing the organizers all from the same company will ensure that size, width and depth will all match.

For additional workspace many organizers offer workbenches mounted on top of additional cabinets or cupboard areas. Consider looking around at different combinations of garage organizers to decide exactly what you need...

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