Garage Cabinets Are Great For Additional Storage

Most people are constantly looking for more storage areas in their house and garage cabinets may just be the answer they are looking for. Cabinets in the garage area are a great place to store seasonal materials, sports equipment, camping gear and even infrequently used household items. Garage cabinets can be very stylish and organized looking and are a wonderful way to keep items out of the way and safe.

There are many different styles of garage cabinets available and of course there is always the option of building your own. One advantage to using commercial or pre-made garage cabinets is that you can continue to expand your storage area simply by purchasing additional cabinets, shelves, or other organizational items.

The most common style of garage cabinet is the locker style. This style often opens from the center with two large front doors. The cabinet itself may be made of metal, wood, plastic or a combination of these materials. These locker style cabinets usually have three or more adjustable shelves, depending on their overall height. Since both doors open completely even fairly large objects can easily be stored in the cabinet. Some garage cabinets, especially the locker style, are great for storing painting supplies and other chemicals. Not only is it easy to see what is on the shelves but also most of these cabinets have a locking mechanism that keeps children out.

The bench style garage cabinets are similar to a kitchen cabinet arrangement. A durable work surface can be added to the top of the cabinet to make the storage area double as a workbench or worktable. Drawers or actual cupboards are underneath the top to ensure that all tools and supplies are in easy reach.

The mechanics style garage cabinet is wonderful for hanging tools and keeping them organized. This flat style cabinet, similar to a very large bathroom medicine cabinet, may have shelves or hooks to allow you to place the tools where you would like them. They are often designed with a peg-board type backing that allows you to move the hooks to where ever they are needed.

Garage cabinets keep materials safe, weather and dust free when they are not being used. In addition the garage cabinets add to the eye appeal of your garage and eliminate the clutter that tends to develop when items are stored in cardboard boxes or plastic totes.

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