Electric Pressure Washers for Fast, Easy Cleaning

Electric pressure washers use pressurized water to clean outdoor items such as patios, driveways, decks, windows and outdoor furniture.

A regular garden hose does not have the pressurized power necessary to clean off stubborn grime, dirt, grease and other stains.

Electric pressure washers clean stains from most materials including concrete, steel, wood and glass. You can adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the job, unlike a garden hose, where you cannot adjust the water pressure.

There are hot water pressure washers and cold-water pressure washers, as well as hydraulic, electric, gasoline-based and diesel-based. The electric washers have several advantages over the others, some of which are:

  • Electric washers are not only almost effortless to operate but are also lightweight, so they are very easy to handle.

  • They are very quiet, unlike the gasoline-based, hydraulic and diesel-based units.

  • These washers are the least expensive to purchase, making them affordable to the average homeowner, with prices starting at around one hundred and fifty dollars.

  • Electric washers require very little maintenance unlike the gasoline powered, hydraulic and diesel units.

  • Most are suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use.

Most often used commercially, pressure washers are becoming extremely popular in homes to remove dust, dirt and grime that a garden hose does not have the pressure to take off. Because they are electric, you do need a power source nearby.

Although electric washers have a lot of power, these units are smaller and designed for lighter, more specific tasks. The gas pressure washers have a huge amount of cleaning power so are suitable for flat work, such as cleaning concrete.

There are both hot water and cold-water electric portable pressure washers and with the right cleaners and under normal conditions, a cold-water washer is able to perform most household jobs. For such things as stripping off finishes or removing heavy grease, hot water pressure washers do a better job.

A pressure pump inside the electric pressure washers compresses water so you are able to adjust and control the pressure according to what job you are doing.

When shopping for a pressure washer that is electric, you need to decide what jobs you will primarily be using this to do, the difficulty of the jobs, frequency of use and how much you want to spend.

Pressure washers come in different models for small to large jobs. There are also many handy options and attachments, such as brush attachments, soap sprayers and rotating nozzles. Electric pressure washers will make your outdoor cleaning fast and easy.

: : Electric Pressure Washers

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