Choosing A Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Making the decision on the right Dyson vacuum cleaner for your home, business or building is not hard to do once you evaluate what you will need the vacuum for. Since there are several different models of Dyson vacuum cleaners available it is important to know just what you need to get the right model.

Dyson vacuum cleaners all feature a five-year warranty that is one of the best offered by all manufactures. In addition Dyson is sold through several chain retail outlets that makes it easy to see the actual models before you purchase. Some models are only available through particular retail outlets so check with your retailer to see what models they have available. The Dyson models include:

All floors - these models, available in the DC7 and DC14 styles, are perfect for going from hard flooring to carpets with the flick of a switch. The brush bar can be turned off on floors or fine carpets to provide a gentle suction without the brush, but can easily be turned on to deep clean carpets.

Low Reach - same as the all floors models these vacuums have a brush control, but are also specially designed to easily slide under furniture for easy cleaning without having to move heavy couches and chairs.

Full gear - these vacuums have all the features of the other Dyson vacuums plus a mini turbine head that can be used to get to those small and hard to reach places for deep cleaning. A carpet care kit is also available with this model to help keep carpets looking new.

Animal - the general Dyson Animal models are specially designed to pick up pet hair. The DC17 Animal is the best model to consider if you have pets in the house as this model features a level 3 root cyclone cleaning system for complete cleaning of both carpets and upholstery.

There are several other Dyson vacuum cleaners available at select stores, including a pink model with proceeds from the sale donated to breast cancer research. Dyson also sells a hand held model, the Dyson Root 6, which features a bagless dirt collection and the same cyclone technology used in the other full-sized models.

All the models feature a cyclone system that traps dirt. bacteria and other particles in the air within the collection tank, rather than releasing them back into the air as many other vacuums do. Dyson vacuum cleaners are highly rated on consumer reports and in customer reviews.

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