Cleaning Mold Tips - How to Get Rid of Mold

Cleaning mold needs to be done by a professional as mold is spread through tiny spores which once opened, float throughout the home.

Once they get into the carpeting or even the air duct system - the spores are blown throughout the inside of the home and can cause harsh allergy symptoms.

Allergists are finding more and more people who live in a damp climate are suffering from aches, pains, fatigue, and constant congestion due to the non stop growth of mold.

Today mold is considered a dirty and toxic word. No one wants to have any kind of mold in their home.

Usually mold grows in dampness and common place is in the bathroom and shower.

There are cleaning products on the market which claim to kill the mold by spraying it on the infected areas and let sit for a few minutes before cleaning the mold away.

So - how do we actually know how to clean mold?

To date, many people believe that by using straight bleach, bleach mixed with water, or a bleaching product supposedly destroys the growth of mold.

Unless you know of a professional mold cleaner, always consult your town's hazmat board and ask them to come inside the home to evaluate any possible mold growth.

The easiest way when cleaning mold is to call a professional who does not have allergies to mold and has the proper gear to make sure your home is mold free.

Readers of "Fayola's House Cleaning Tips" Share Their Mold Cleaning Tips...

Ok - alot of us cannot pay a person to clean our little mold, so here are some tips -

  • use a face mask
  • long sleeves
  • baby wipes or mild dish soap
  • dry rags to wipe dry

Wipe the mold area and make sure and put the garbage in a separate bag and double bag your bag. Also include the rag you dried with in the garbage.

This is so simple and cheap.

If at a wall area - when finished - put a portable heater to dry. Also open all your curtains and windows to let breathe on a nice sunny day.

Additionally - never ever use boxes for storage - use totes. Boxes causes moisture and mold.

Also - never leave damp towels and tons of clothes on floor as this will result in mold.

Ellen, Canada

May I let you know a great tip for mold in your home:

I mix in my little burner - some water with cinnamon essential oil from Ceylon (organic). Plus I add some cloves and oregano too.

It works wonderfully.

I clean my bath tub with a few drops of cinnamon oil, but I protect my hands with gloves. Pure cinnamon oil is very strong.

Be very careful please.

With my kindest regards.

Genevieve, Switzerland

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