The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Messy Bedroom and Making It Beautiful

Have you ever clawed your way through a messy bedroom to get to your bed, then once there, have to transplant stuff from your bed to the floor - so you could lay down and go to sleep unbothered?


Me neither 😉

But if you ever find yourself in a such an unusual situation - know that cleaning a messy bedroom can be overwhelming.

The bedroom can be such a complicated place because we use it for so many things - sleeping, storage, work, entertainment and whatever. So keeping it decluttered, organized and clean can become a constant challenge.

Cleaning a Messy Bedroom

Have a Vision of How You Want Your Bedroom To Look

To get started, have a vision of what you want your ideal bedroom to look like. Ignore the messy reality that's in front of you.

Don't see dirty (or clean) clothes on the floor, or the dirty carpet. Don't see the unmade bed with mismatched linen. Don't see the overstuffed closet or your buried workspace.


Close your eyes and visualize your perfect, beautiful bedroom.

One that is always roomy with clear paths to walk around, organized and clean.

If you're struggling with this visulization exercise, check out pinterest for some ideas of bedroom decor.

Always Start with a Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Make a Checklist for Cleaning a Messy Bedroom

Okay, now open your eyes to your reality and let's get to work using the DOC method.

But just before we get there, let's make a quick checklist or just access the bedroom cleaning checklist that I have here.

This checklist is comprehensive and all you need to clean your room


Now, back to the DOC method. DOC stands for Declutter, Organize and Clean. It's just the order of work to get your cleaning done.

You can apply it to any room or space in your home.

Decluttering Your Messy Bedroom

Decluttering can simply mean removing things that should not be in your bedroom in the first place or I should say - removing things that just don't fit you vision of your future beautiful bedroom.

These days bedrooms share space with home offices, home gyms, meals, home theatres etc.

Nothing is wrong with all of it - but, when a room serves so many functions, keeping it neat and tidy can be a challenge.

So, as part of decluttering, consider reducing the number of functions your bedroom serves.

Now, what else do you see that you don't want in your bedroom.

Are there forgotten plates under the bed from special 'meal in bed' moments, empty snack wrappers in the snack drawer by the bed, 10 million pillows on the bed mixed up with a bundle of clean or dirty laundry and a laptop and a tablet and phone?

Once you've identified your clutter - get rid of it.

You know the drill - sell, donate, recycle, dump or just put the plates back in the kitchen where they belong 😀

The next step is to organize what's left. You know the saying,

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Organizing Your Messy Bedroom

Whatever functions you use your bedroom for (hopefully you've been able to reduce these), make sure to have a designated space for those functions.

Let's say you need to have your home office, and gym (when I say gym I mean one piece of exercise equipment).

Then have designated zones for those functions and don't let them mingle.

For example, don't let your laptop spend most of it's time in bed with you when it should be in the work zone on the desk - especially when it's not in use.

Don't turn that piece of exercise equipment into an extension of your closet by hanging your clothes on it.

Once you've established your zones and made sure everything has a home (by now your room should look and feel a bit lighter, due to decluttering and organizing), it's time to clean starting from the top to the bottom.

Cleaning Your Messy Bedroom and Making It Beautiful

If you want to deep clean then you may want to empty the room of furniture and other movable items and place some protective covering over everthing else.

Commence with washing the walls and ceiling, then vacuum, mop/scrub the floors.

When done, before returning furniture - clean, wipe them down. Do the laundry (sheet, dirty clothes etc).

If you're just looking to do a light cleaning just dust, wipe, vacuum and mop etc.

Once everthing has been returned and put in their places - its time for the final light touches.

Let's make your bedroom beautiful like the vision you had initially.

Cleaning a Messy Bedroom and Making It Beautiful

Maybe, different art work around the room. Different linen colors, and some plants...whatever your heart desires and can do.

Once you're done, sit back and enjoy looking at your new space. In fact, take a picture and a couple of selfies. Proof that it happened 😀

Now, I did not go into details here, but if you're in a master bedroom with an ensuite and walkin closet and you would like to know more about curing closet clutter, or get some tips about bathroom cleaning - check out the following articles...

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We're not done yet. Just one more thing. Now its time for you to put a maintenance plan in place.

Make a Bedroom Cleaning Maintenance Plan and Work It

Yes, you need to establish a bedroom cleaning routine with the help of a checklist and a schedule and maybe even some rules such as...

  1. do not leave dishes in the bedroom or
  2. do not hang clothes on the 'peloton';
  3. let the laptop spend the majority of it's time in the office zone of the room;
  4. make the bed every morning.

Related: How to Make Your Own House Cleaning Schedule

Determine what cleaning tasks you need to do everyday, every week, or every month in order to keep your room always decluttered, organized, clean and beautiful.

Once you know what needs to be done and when, just do it and do it consistently.

Now don't get too overzealous with the maintenance plan.

The whole idea here is to create a home or space that's quick and easy to clean on a regular basis while maintaining it's beauty and comfort.

For me that means may be spending five minutes a day making the bed and removing clothes from door handles.


Once you've changed your messy bedroom to a beautiful one, figure out what is the minimum amount of cleaning and tidying you should do daily to maintain that and do it.

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