Make Scents with Air Fresheners for Your Home

Many people are making their own air fresheners because they are concerned about the chemicals used in commercial ones.

Studies have found that some people exposed to commercial ones show increased headaches, anxiety, insomnia and even diarrhea.

Everyone wants his or her home to smell wonderful and pleasant. Whenever the weather is nice enough, open your windows and doors and let the fresh air in.

A clean house is the very best air freshener there is, especially your bathrooms and kitchen.

Instead of trying to mask the odor of a dirty house, remove the source of the odor and maintain a healthy, clean environment.

White vinegar is a very inexpensive but efficient odor fighter, cleaner and stain remover.

Use white vinegar in warm water to wash most surfaces such as floors, moldy showers, walls, and other surfaces while it removes offensive odors.

Once your home is sparkling, fresh and clean, here are some wonderful recipes and helpful tips on removing odors.

Vanilla - A safe way to make a room smell wonderful is by adding a few drops of vanilla on a cotton ball.

Place the cotton ball in an open container or even a small, clean baby food jar.

You can use any little bowl or container that the oil does not sink into.

With vanilla, your room will smell good enough to eat.

Flowers - Fresh flowers not only smell great but also brighten up a dull day.

Potpourri is another versatile air freshener that you can make at home using dried herbs, flowers and a few drops of scented oil. You can either put this in pretty bowls throughout your house or place them in simmering water for a stronger scent.

Citrus - Simmer the peels from any citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit, in a pot of water for an hour. You will be amazed at how the fresh citrus scent slowly fills the air.

Try creating your own by using one and a half cups of warm distilled water and add 1 1/2 teaspoons of vegetable oil and whatever spices or cooking ingredients you like.

Try cinnamon sticks broken into pieces, vanilla extract, almond extract or even bay leaves.

Use them alone or mix them together and then simmer it on the stove, soak cotton balls in it and sit them around the house in little containers or place the mixture in a spray bottle to spray the air.

Making your own odor removers is not only healthier for you but makes your home smell wonderful.

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