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Ten Great Stain Removal Tips

It does not matter where you live or what you do, you will need to know some stain removal tips. When you suddenly notice a stain on your coffee table, carpet or rug and have no idea how it got there, you need to know how to remove it successfully.

Almost everyone has been guilty of sitting a glass or object down and picking it up later, only to notice that there is a circle on your beautiful wooden table. It is upsetting when the plant you watered, while it sat on the carpet, leaked and you had no idea.

People with pets, young children or frequent visitors, often find they have to deal with stains. There are many great tips, but there is one tip that tops them all.

That tip is that you should always try to remove a stain immediately, while it is fresh and wet. All stains, whether they are from food, animals or other causes, are less problematic when they are new.

Stains that have not had a chance to set in are far easier to remove than dry or old stains!

Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Here are some great stain removal tips or suggestions for removing new stains or even those old stubborn stains.

1. Collar Stains - You can remove dirt rings around the neck of a blouse or shirt collar with shampoo. Pour a little shampoo on the stain, rub in gently and lauder as usual. Keep a bottle handy in the laundry room, as it is great for removing many different kinds of stains on your clothes. This also works on cooking oil and butter stains.

2. Coffee Stain - Soak the coffee stain in cool water, dab a little liquid dishwashing soap on, rinse with cool water and then let it air dry.

3. Carpet Stains - You will be amazed at how well baby wipes remove most carpet stains, such as blood or even motor oil.

4. Chocolate Stains - Remove any excess chocolate by either blotting or scraping it off. Flush the stain with club soda. Soaking the stain in milk also works wonders.

5. Dishwashers - Pour a package of Tang drink mix in your dishwasher to clean built-up mineral deposits. Run your dishwasher as usual but without any dishes.

6. Ink Stains - On clothes, pour a little rubbing alcohol on the stain, and then watch it disappear. Bleach, wiped on an ink stain on the wall, removes it immediately.

7. Plastic Container Stains - Here are two stain removal tips for getting rid of food stains, such as spaghetti sauce, from inside a plastic storage container. Place the container outside, in the sun, to bleach the stain out. Another method is to rub a paste of water and baking soda into the stain.

8. Decals and Stickers - To remove decals and stickers from surfaces such as wood, glass and plastic, soak with vegetable oil. Leave this sit for a few minutes and rub off with a cloth.

9. Gum on Clothing - If you have gum stuck on clothing, scrape off excess and then use an old toothbrush to brush egg white onto the gum stain. Leave it on for approximately fifteen minutes and then launder normally.

10. Lipstick - Remove lipstick stains with a little petroleum jelly or vegetable shortening.

Instead of having to throw items away following a few stain removal tips will help you make clean up a breeze.

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