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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #024 -- How Do You Clean
July 16, 2007

How Do You Clean House?


Over the last few months lots of readers shared some
of their own house cleaning tips with me.

Some of them left me confused - and others - I just had to
try immediately.

Here are two you can try if you like...

If you have no choice but to bathe your dog in the bathtub
CJ from Vancouver, Washington has this suggestion...

Hate washing the dog in the bathtub because of all the
hair it leaves?

Use a good hair filter in the tub drain - rinse what you
can into the filter, and then let the tub dry.

When it's dry and there is leftover hair that didn't make
it to the filter (which you've cleaned out already),
use an attachment on your vacuum cleaner (just the
long tube thing is fine, no other attachment
necessary) and vacuum up the stray hair.

In fact, vacuum all over the bathroom and fixtures to get
stray hairs, lint, dust off everything, even all
around the toilet and the base of it (the dust brush
attachment works well for this, use it anywhere dust settles in the bathroom).


Nichola from the United Kingdom had an interesting tip for
getting to hard to reach places.

She explained that...

An easy way to get all those hard to reach items from
under the sofa or bed - like the kids toys - old socks
and money - I put an old stocking over the top of my
vacuum cleaner and use it to pick them up.

Great for someone like me who has suffered with back pains
and been pregnant numerous times. It's quick and
there's no danger of accidentally sucking something
valuable up.


Thank you CJ and Nichola for sharing your own cleaning

If you would like to share yours - you can send them
from here


Well - Have a great week and keep it clean.

Fayola Peters

Wait - wait...

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