The Saturday Morning Cleanup: It went in the gutter...

Hi there,

This is Fayola Gaia from

Has this ever happened to you?

A couple of weeks ago, I joined some friends for bowling. You know the game where the heavy ball is skillfully rolled toward 10 pins in an effort to knock as many of them down as possible.

Well, for me, my first roll of the ball I got a strike. <em>All pins knocked down</em>. 

Can you guess what happened for the rest of the night?

Yep - no more strikes for me. In fact, the ball rolled into the the gutter way to often than I would have liked. Two or three pins here and gutter balls there.

It was a little bit embarassing after my little victory dance for my one and only strike in the begining of the evening.

Don't get me wrong - I did not come away from that night thinking that I was a loser. No - in fact it was one of the most enjoyable nights I had a while.

But it got me thinking as I watched most of my pins remain standing. 

When my ball disappeared, a machine would come down and lift up the standing pins, then another machine would sweep the fallen ones away. And, the standing pins are returned in their original positions.

This is what happens when I get inspired to clean my home - you know - get it to look like something out of Architecture Digest.

In the beginning I'm full of energy and vigor. Cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the carpets, not leaving dirty dishes in the sink over night. 

This would go on for three days at most - just me knocking all my pins down and celebrating my pristine home.

Then the pins would stop falling. The dishes remain in the sink overnight, the carpets would get vacuumed next month instead. Little by little my chores would get delayed by a couple of days or weeks depending on what it is.

And like that machine that keeps returning the standing pins (undone chores) back into position - The list of undone chores would not get swept away.

And unlike my fun night of bowling. This made me feel like a loser. 

I knew what my problem was...

A lack of consistency and a lack of knowledge in the art of 'house-keeping'. The knowledge of how the clean things, and how often to clean things.

I needed a house cleaning coach. 

Someone who could train me and show me the best practices to follow.

Someone who would keep me on track and not let me lapse into old habits and keep those pins falling constantly.

Well I took the time to become my own house cleaning coach and I'm here to share some of that with you every week in the 'Saturday Morning Cleanup' eletter.

Every week I'll send you some cleaning tips about the best ways to approach your house-keeping. And maybe give you a kick in the bum if you need it to take action and use what you learn to knock all you cleaning pins down consistently.

Yes, knocking all you pins down does not mean they go away forever. They always return. 

Beyond the weekly eletter, if you subscribe today, you will also get four things... 

  1. The ebook- How To Clean a House
  2. A 30 Day House Cleaning Plan
  3. A Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
  4. Access to the eCourse, Deep Clean 6 Rooms in 12 Weeks

So sign up today and let's get started...

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