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The House Cleaning Tips E-letter, Issue #008 --, how do you know...
August 31, 2006
 My neighbor AJ - suffers with her
allergies. It's made even worst when she
cleans house.

She would sneeze often especially when
vacuuming - and have breathing problems.

Recently - she has made some changes that
have eased her symptoms.

First - she invested in a home air cleaner.

The function of a home air cleaner is to remove
harmful elements in indoor air - which cause
airborne allergies.

These airborne allergies can range from
pollen allergies to mold allergies.

Her next step involved changing the way she

When she 'dusted' - she used damp cloth to
wipe dusty surfaces. This was her remedy for
keeping dust from floating about.

For her last major step - she removed most of
the carpets from her home.

In my book that was a bit drastic - but
obviously the steps she's taken are working
for her.

And I found out later on that mold do feed on
carpets not taken care of properly.

, if you do suffer from airborne
allergies - I hope that my neighbor's
experience can help.

Have a great day.

Stay focused.

Fayola Peters

P.S. To find out more about air cleaner you can go to Home Air Cleaner

P.P.S Find out more about carpet cleaning with the carpet cleaning guide at Carpet Cleaning

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