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Steam Cleaning Tips Keep Carpets Looking Fabulous

You can keep your carpets looking new over the years by following some steam cleaning tips.

Regular vacuuming keeps your carpet looking clean and presentable but unfortunately, dirt and stains still become a problem. Even if you do not see dirt on your carpets, that does not mean they are clean.

All carpets need semi-annual cleaning, for a busy household and annual cleaning for a home without young children and pets.

Before steam cleaning your own carpets or having them professionally done, make sure you vacuum the carpets well.

You want any surface dirt or grime removed before the cleaning begins. You should also do this after they are cleaned and dry.

These steam cleaning tips will help you keep your carpet looking great.

  • Before steam cleaning your carpet or having a professional do it for you, make sure it is safe to clean your carpet with steam.
  • If you have a busy household, consider purchasing your own steam cleaning system. They are not as powerful as the professional cleaner's equipment, but you can clean your carpets more often, so they will not get as dirty. In addition, if there is a big spill or accident on the carpet, you can clean this up immediately with your carpet cleaner.
  • Rent a steam cleaner if you do not want to purchase one right away plus you can see if it is something you would do on your own.
  • Pay a little extra and buy a steam cleaner that has a powerful motor and does not need a water hookup. Look for an upright cleaner, as they are easier to use and often come with a water heater built in.
  • Pre-treat any noticeable marks or stains on your carpet before you start to clean, so you remove the stains easily.
  • Use either the cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer or a good quality cleaning solution. Cheaper is not always better.
  • A couple of very important steam cleaning tips are, do not soak your carpet as this can damage the back of your carpet or the under pad. Also, be careful to rinse thoroughly and extract as much water as possible.

If you have allergies, clean your carpet every couple of months to get rid of the mold, dirt and germs. This also prevents dirt and grime from getting deep into the fibers.

Talk to a steam-machine sales person to find out the best machine for your rug type. This great investment keeps you healthier and your carpet cleaner.

Follow these tips and enjoy your carpet for many years.

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