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House Cleaning Tips for Cat Lovers and More...

by Colleen Dothan
(Alabama, United States)

First - for people who have cats...

When the dried up cat litter gets stuck to the floor, toilet, sink, bathtub, I use a cleaner that I found to clean ANYTHING!!! It has no harsh fumes, and is safe for everything. Its called "Awesome".

The only place I have seen it is at the dollar tree. I stock up and buy like 10 bottles at a time - spray it on there and let it sit for about 2 min. and its all done!

Next, I have a black couch and a white cat - so you can imagine how my couch looks. I take packing tape, wrap it around my hand, and rub away!

Finally, I have a fabric shower curtain, and didn't know that you had to use a liner behind it, so lets just say, it was covered in soap scum.

I called my mom and she said to wash it in the washing machine with 3 big towels(that helps with winkles) and take it out before the spin cycle and hang dry on the curtain rod in the bathroom.

Not only does it clean the curtain, but it makes the bathroom smell so good while it drys!

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