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The House Cleaning Challenge Idea

This week I just want to share an idea with you. One of my work tasks involves writing reviews of scientific articles. For more than a month I put off one of these assignments. The article sat in my inbox tormenting me every time I opened my email.

Last Sunday, after preparing my work tasks for the week, including the article review, I read a motivating email about a writing and what leads to not doing it. The author said that the only way she gets through her writing assignments is to do 14 day writing challenges.

Well, all I'm writing is a 200-300 word review, but I have to read the article first and understand it, so I decided on a 5 day reading and writing challenge with the goals of completing the review and submitting to publishers.

I started on Monday with the following rules for each day of the challenge:

  1. Read and/or write for 60 minutes first thing each day.
  2. No checking emails before or during this time. In other words, don't let any distractions steal this time from you.

While going through this reading/writing challenge, I wondered about applying this same strategy to cleaning. Why not have a house cleaning challenge. To be more specific - a closet cleaning challenge or a top cleaning projects challenge, or weekend cleaning challenge.

Here's what I'm thinking, first, decide on what cleaning projects you want to complete in a weekend or five days (keep the list short). Second, decide on how much time you're willing the spend on it each day. Third, have a goal in mind (how much progress do you want to make by the time your cleaning challenge is over?). Fourth, be strict with yourself about the start and stop times. Finally, do what you can to reduce distractions.

Considering how I feel now after completing my challenge, I think this could work. I finally finished my review. Yes! It took six days instead of five so I know next time it will be a Six Day Writing Challenge. I will say I feel light with a smile that has not left me since I hit that submit button.

Hopefully I will get that same feeling when I complete my weekend cleaning challenge.

You can make a cleaning challenge checklist here. Just use something like this as the title, "3 Day Cleaning Challenge" and on each row write your cleaning tasks for the day.

Good luck on your house cleaning challenges in the future and remember the rules.

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