House Cleaning Tips for Clutter Control

Why is it so hard to have control over clutter?

How does clutter even begin?

When do personal possessions turn into junk and clutter?

Every person has clutter control issues. Some put the clutter away; others hide the clutter. Some of us even let the clutter hang out in all parts of the home. The question is how can we get our clutter under control and how do we begin and keep the clutter from piling up?

Clutter to one person is not to another. Once you decide that you have clutter and you want to have the clutter out, then you have taken the first step in the process to control and organize your life. The first step is to have all your tools ready when conquering this challenge: large trash bags, boxes, labels, and markers.

Begin with a small project. The best way is to take one drawer in a dresser. If you remove everything from that draw and throw out what you really do not need, keeping only what you must, your clutter elimination begins. After, move on to the next drawer and so on.

If your clutter is in one room or one corner of a room, where the most clutter control is needed is where the most attention should be given.

Throwing out old unnecessary items will be the best way to start the clutter control. The big black bag needs to be filled up.

Items to be kept should be put in boxes or cartons then labeled so you know what is inside each box for future clutter control.

As new items come into the home, decide right then and there if they are needed. Any items being kept should then be put into a file or a labeled container, hung in the closet if it is clothing, and not just dumped on the floor to be taken care of later.

If these clutter control tips are not followed, somehow the control will be lost again.

Clutter control is an on going battle and no matter if you live alone or with others, you need to learn how to control your clutter and so do others around you.

Resolve to be clutter free.

If you need more clutter control information you can go to the clutter free articles here.

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