Make The Most Of Closet Shelving

Closet shelving is a great storage option for you. I know it can get messy and difficult to use - but there is a good reason for that.

You see some of the items you keep in your closet may not be easy to stack or to manage - like clothing, blankets, linens, purses and other seasonal items.

But if you organize and structure your closet shelving to suit you and your belongs - you will be amazed at how much more space you have - without making any renovations to your closet.

Here's What You Need To Do...

First - you need to consider is how you are currently storing soft items like bedding, towels, or seasonal clothing on the closet shelving.

If the items are stored in plastic bags or simply stacked one on top of one another they are likely to be a disaster waiting to happen - especially when someone pulls them out of the stack.

To avoid or lessen this problem - consider one of the many vacuum storage bag systems available that compress linens, clothes and bedding items into space efficient and moisture and mildew free bags.

These bags make the most of your closet space and will literally double or triple your storage area on shelves.

Another effective idea is to use bins on the shelves. These can hold small items which tend to clutter up the shelf and limit space.

Using the clear plastic bins is a bit more efficient. You can stack these on top of each other and best of all they allow you to see exactly what's in them without having to take them down to open them.

If you don't like the idea of clear plastic bins - you can try this idea. If you choose bins that are not clear - keep an inventory list on the front of the bin or on your computer or in a file. Then label each bin either a letter or a number and then list the contents. Seasonal items can easily be grouped together in bins for easy decorating or locating the bin.

Hang in there - I'm almost done ;-)

When stacking items on the shelves in your closet - always consider size. The larger and bulkier items should be on the bottom of the stack and the lighter and smaller items should be on the top.

Wooden dividers can easily be attached to the shelf with either simple brackets for easy moving or permanently with glue, nails or screws.

These dividers that are placed perpendicular to the shelf will provide walls or 3 sided-bins on the shelves to prevent stacks from leaning and falling against each other.

Finally - there are stacking shelves available that allow you to easily double the shelves in the closet without having to worry about permanent installation.

These collapsible shelves are usually wire or wooden and simply sit on the existing shelf.

If you decide to purchase stacking shelves be sure to get the sturdy variety and try to keep them as wide as your existing shelf.

Stacking shelves that are too narrow will keep sliding to the back of the closet as you place items on them.

Closet shelving is an easy way to expand your storage potential and is very inexpensive and easy to do even if you are not great at building or renovating.

Have fun!

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