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Cleaning Hardwood Floors - Sealed and Unsealed

Got hardwood floors?

Talk about something that is frustrating to clean and maintain.

Cleaning hardwood floors and maintaining them can be done by you or by a cleaning hardwood floors professional.

With the different types of floors being sold in different styles like, do it yourself tongue and groove wood planks.

The solution to give your new floors a shine can be found at the local hardware store.

There are unsealed hardwood floors and sealed hardwood floors; both types of floorings need to be cleaned at one time or another.

Is your hardwood floor sealed or unsealed?

Once you can answer this question you can decide on what to use for cleaning hardwood floors.

Usually hardwood floors are protected with many layers of a protective finish or polyurethane.

The protective shield could be a high gloss or what is called a satin finish or a matte finish. In either case the hardwood floors should be vacuumed on a regular basis.

Some people find using a swifter cloth is very effective at picking up dust. Plus it is easier to clean under low furniture with a swifter type cloth than a vacuum.

When it comes to using a liquid solution to clean the sealed or unsealed wood flooring, you might use either a recommended hardwood cleaner from the company where the floor was purchased or just a damp mop with warm water and then towel dry.

Never leave water sitting on a wood floor as it can eat through the sealant and warp the wood.

A sealed wood floor would hold up better than an unsealed wood floor when any liquid solution is applied when cleaning.

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