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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #021 -- House Cleaning Schedule
February 01, 2007

House Cleaning Tips for...

Your Own House Cleaning Schedule


Welcome to the first issue of housecleaning tips eletter this year. So Happy New Year!

When I told a friend this recently he told me that the year was already old. Fortunately I donít believe this so Happy New Year Again.

This year I hope we have some good house cleaning fun together.

First I would like to talk about your house cleaning schedule. Since itís the first of February it is a great day to start.

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Using your online calendar or your paper calendar - type or write in your monthly chores at a date and time. This could be cleaning the furniture Ė or vacuuming under the bed.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Now I know that there are certain chores you do every week on one day. For me that includes laundry, vacuuming and dusting. If anything else comes up, I include it in the schedule on a Sunday evening.

Daily Cleaning Schedule

This you can do everyday in less than 15 minutes. Write down all the housecleaning tasks you need to get done on that day. Keep in mind the amount of time you have. If you have an hour to devote to cleaning tasks today then keep your list short.

Editor's Note:

If you would like to share your own house cleaning tips, you can click here and submit them.

Plus to read tips from other readers click here.

Have a great day.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House Cleaning Tips

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