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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #020 -- House Cleaning Tips for Holiday Planning
November 28, 2006

House Cleaning Tips for...

Before and After the Holidays


The holidays can be fun, stressful, happy and sometimes sad times. We plan what gifts to buy, parties, or special family dinners. I'm just here to remind you to plan your gift buying expeditions and house cleaning before the festivities begin.

Make Your List and Check It Twice

When you make your list of names and gifts - don't forget to include the days you plan to shop for each item. Also, write down where you're going to buy the gifts and at what price.

You can use the internet to get this information and do some of your gift buying online.

Make Your Clean-Up After Plan

  • Make sure everyone knows what their holiday clean-up chores are.
  • Have an extra supply of gabage bags.
  • Be prepared to make some clutter-clearing decisions. Remember - it's Christmas - more stuff is going to enter your home.
  • If you want to avoid making clutter-clearing decisions, consider asking friends and family to donate some money to charity in your name instead of buying gifts.

You can do the same for them too.

House Cleaning Tip From CJ

Hate those spatters of goo and unknown ick that land on your large appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove , fridge, etc.)? Use a product on it that contains a waxing ingredient like Turtle Wax, Weiman's Countertop & Cleaning Polish, or Gel-Gloss.

Weiman's is great if you can find it; it's safe for Corian, marble, granite, Formica, every kind of plastic, the black fronts on appliances, vinyl upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass...just about everything you can think of. It comes in a very convenient spray can so you can either apply it to a rag or directly on the surface to be cleaned itself.

Don't put the cleaner/polish on a surface that gets as warm as a range top. But everything else is fine, even sinks and sink fixtures, It makes water bead up, avoids water-spotting, and keeps icky goo from clinging to the panels of large appliances. See a spot, just dampen a cloth & easily wipe it off.

Use the wax-type products for tub and shower surrounds, tub edges & skirts - acrylic, formica, fiberglass, tile, - pretty much everything.

I am in NO WAY connected to any of these products I mentioned other than as a consumer.

CJ from Vancouver, Washington, United States

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Have a great day.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House Cleaning Tips

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