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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #019 -- House Cleaning Schedule
November 09, 2006

Why Use a House Cleaning Schedule?

Well, it's about your *time*.


When it comes to your home, not only is organizing it important - organizing the time you need to clean it is also important. Having a schedule for house cleaning can help you with this. I show you how I created my house cleaning schedule at

If you feel like you need a extra two hours in the day - or that your home is not as clean as you want it to be because you need those extra two hours - then here are a few tips for you.

Get up earlier

You decide how much earlier. I decide this by figuring out how long it would take for me to get ready before everyone else wakes up.

For me, getting ready includes, laying out my plans for the day, and tiding up around the house.

Keep it real

When you assign a completion time to a cleaning task on your schedule - assign more time than you think you need. Underestimating the time you need can only lead to frustration if you donít finish in the scheduled time.

Keep it short

I donít know about you - but nothing can keep my attention for long. For this reason I recommend that you keep your cleaning tasks to 15 to 30 minutes long.

If you know a task will take much longer to complete - break it down into 30 minute tasks and complete it at different times during the day or over a couple of days.

Have a great day.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House Cleaning Tips

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