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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #018 -- Closet Organization
November 07, 2006

Cleaning Out Your Closet


Depending on its size and the amount of stuff you put in it Ė this area of your home might be a problem for you.

Iím talking about your closet.

Yes - the most convenient place in the house to dump everything that has no other place to go.

Well, itís time for a change, or maybe just a cleanup - becauseÖ

And here comes the speechÖ

Organizing your closet will give you a feeling of accomplishment and some sort of freedom. ;-)

Iím Serious!

Anyway - let me just get to the point. Cleaning and organizing your closet.

How many hangers do you need? Do you use what you have?

Iíve seen countless tiny overstuffed closets with a section designated to unused hangers? Worst Ė Iíve seen closets where phantom hangers hide been the occupied ones serving no purpose. If you are guilty of these deeds Ė do yourself a big favor. Use them or get rid of them and most importantly - stop buying more. You have enough.

Purge your closet

With the dumping taking place in the closet Ė Iím sure that you can see an item or two that deserves to be put to rest in a real dump.

Closet Organization

Ah yes the easy part. I know that you already know this Ė but Iím going to tell you anyway.

When organizing clothing, grouped them by style; slacks together, shirts together, shoes together, pocketbooks together, etc. If everything is grouped according to style and not cramped together; then having your closet organized saves time when trying to put together an outfit.

Have a great day.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House Cleaning Tips

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