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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #016 --, Paper and Time Mangement
October 31, 2006

I realized one thing some time ago - to get anyone in this house to do any cleaning chores - it had to be in writing.

Yes - a chore chart is the requirement otherwise I get complaints like.

I did it last time Auntie, it's her turn now.

It's amazing the difference some ink on paper can make.

Some Random House Cleaning Tips

A few weeks ago I was sick. I spent two days in bed. I know what you're waiting to hear. You're waiting for me to tell you what a mess the house became in my absence.

Well I not going to tell you - I'm sure you can imagine it all on your own.

Anyway - I want to tell you what cleaning tips I learned from TV. Have you ever seen 'Kitchen Crimes'.

From the one episode that I saw - nausea was added to my list of symptoms.

So,, if you have problems with clutter - keep it out of the kitchen. Anywhere else but the kitchen.

If there are rodents in the kitchen, don't live with them like if they pay rent - get rid of them before they get rid of you - by any means necessary.

On a lighter note.

Have you seen those 'Swiffer' ads where the woman is basically firing her cleaning products. Telling them that they are not doing a good job.

Anyway - I thought it was funny and not a bad idea.

Think about it, if your cleaning products are not performing as they should - cleaning takes longer. You should think about trying something new.

I'm not saying to get rid of you telephone directory

All I'm saying is - if you're planning some remodeling or need some plumbing done or you want to hire a cleaning service in your area or anything else concerning your home, use ServiceMagic.

Click here to find out how it works.

The End

So,, have a great day and Happy Halloween.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House Cleaning Tips

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