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Fayola's House Cleaning Tips Issue #015 --,, Make A-Pact With Clutter
October 26, 2006
 Today I have another article from Greg for
you. It's called -

Make A-PACT With Clutter and Start Organizing Your
Home...One Step at a Time

In this article you will learn his step by step
approach to home organization.

I hope you find his technique helpful.

Have a great weekend.

Fayola Peters
Editor and Publisher of Fayola's House
Cleaning Tips

Make A-PACT With Clutter and Start
Organizing Your Home...One Step at a Time

A pact, according to is "a formal
agreement... such as one between nations."

Well, I want you to have A-Pact to start getting rid of
clutter and begin the process of organizing your home
today. Although this turns into more of a battle
(that you will win)'s a great way to remember
the steps to organization.

Here's what it means and how it works ...


Ask yourself why you want to organize the paticular area
and what you want out of the room or area you're going
to organize. What are the goals of the room? What are
you shooting for by getting organized?

And the thing is, you want to dig a little deep into how
you want to benefit. This will help you get motivated and
work towards the final goal.

For instance, if you're going to start the process of
organizing paperwork in your home office, the question is
"why do I want to organize this space?"

The answer could be "I don't ever want to have a late bill
again" or "I want to find any document in less than two

Once you've answered the question, then move onto step 2...

P--->PILE Everything (Clutter and Stuff You'll Keep)

What you do in this step is pile "like" items together.

In your closet, you make a pile of all your shirts.

Another pile of all your pants...

Or let's say we're in your home office (or wherever you do
keep paperwork.)

Start with your file drawer, or grab a pile if that's what
you've got for a "filing system".

Put each piece of paper in "like" files. For example, all
the insurance paperwork will go together. All of your 401K
paperwork goes in another. All medical expenses from the
present year in another.


Next you go through the piles and break them down even
more, this time into two piles of "treasure" or "trash."

I like to assign each category with treasure or trash so
there's no in between. No room for "I'm going to decide on
this later."

No, decide right there and then if it's either staying or

No in between.

Now the thing is, the trash (clutter) doesn't necessarily
mean it's going to the garbage.

That step comes next... and remember the saying, one man's
trash (or junk) is another man's treasure.



This is where you go through the "trash" and break it down
once more, deciding what can be donated, what can be sold,
and what's going to the dumpster.

Next step is where you get organized...


This is where, once you've gotten all the "trash" out of
the area, you organize the items you've decided to keep.

Tidy up, put it back in an ordered, organized fashion.

When you're organizing, always keep like items together
whether on a shelf, in drawers or in any other type of
storage you're using.

Have items you use more frequently be more accessible and
within reach, too.

So there you go...

Have A-PACT with your clutter today, okay?

For more details and room by room clutter removal and home
organization strategies, check out The Definitive Guide to
Home Organization for Busy People

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