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The House Cleaning Tips E-letter, Issue #006 --, Ask for help.
August 22, 2006

Today I witnessed a Super-Granny in action.
There is some shame in me telling you this
because the only finger I lifted was to
wash a few dishes in the sink.

But Granny was everywhere - doing the
laundry, cooking, changing my niece's
diapers and combing her hair.

Where was I?

Resting - Following Granny's orders.
She came in 2 days ago to help out.

It's strange seeing her move easily through
the house - barely stopping to ask where
anything is.

I was getting jealous of her energy and her
focus and...

...she annoyed me with her constant,
"Baby, you need to get this house together."

Anyway, I'm learning some great new cleaning
tips from her while she's here.

The number one tip which she pounds into
my head constantly is...

"...ask for help Baby - you don't live
here by yourself".

, I'm going to tell you the same thing.

Ask for help.

Stay focused and have a great day.

Fayola Peters

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