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The House Cleaning Tips E-letter, Issue #004 --, a packrat confession..
August 15, 2006

While at university - I lived in a shoe-box
sized dorm room with one other person.

Semester after semester we had to pack our
stuff and leave campus. We left the room
without a shed of evidence that we were
ever there.

It was only during these times that I
ever faced the reality that I had too much

In fact - it was only at that time I would
actually see all the stuff that I had. And
would be amazed at where I stored them.

So guess what I did - every packing
season at the end of each semester...

Yes - I just packed my stuff and took
them home year after year.

My mother was not very happy - especially
since I kept accumulating more stuff.

Today at home my situation has improved.
I've learned some home organization tips
which allows me to tell you now -

I am a recovering Pack-rat.

Surprisingly - it was not difficult to
get to this point.

A few home organization tips from a
professional home organizer helped me out.

His most effective tip for me is -
Touch it once.

Now, instead of leaving the little stuff
for later - I do them now - especially
if it only takes a few seconds now and
I know that it will take at least
30 minutes to do it later.

The second tip deals with planning my
work, and working my plan. This
eliminates wasted time and most importantly
- frustration - because with a plan you
know what's up ahead. And you know when
you will be finished.

If you're a Pack-rat, start on the
road to recovery today with a step by step
home organization strategies mini course

...and stay focused.

Wishing you the best,

Fayola Peters

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