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Sparkle and Shine With a Swiffer Wet Jet

Washing floors is certainly a job none of us likes but a Swiffer wet jet makes it a much more pleasant experience. Everyone wants his or her floors to look clean because when your floor is dirty the room looks untidy.

The foundation of every room is your floor, so keeping it shiny and clean is definitely important. Here are a few things you should always do, no matter what floor type you have, to help make cleaning easier when the time comes.

Always wipe up any spills when they happen, as it is easier to remove them and reduces the chance of staining. Use area rugs in entryways so they trap most of the mud and dirt reducing the amount tracked onto your floors.

Vacuum or sweep your floor often, especially before you wash them, to remove dirt, dust, crumbs and other particles, which could become ground into the floor causing small nicks and scratches. This could mar the sheen of the floor and shorten its lifetime.

A Swiffer wet jet is the answer for people who dislike dragging out mops, buckets, scrubbers, cleaning solutions, rags and other cleaning equipment just to wash their floors.

Those days are gone once you purchase a wet jet starter kit, which includes a power mop, disposable cleaning pads, a scrubbing strip, and a premixed, multi purpose floor cleaning solution.

Assembling your wet jet only takes a few minutes and then you are ready to clean. Start by lining up and then snapping together the flat pole sections, which lock permanently.

Put four AA alkaline batteries, the non-rechargeable type, into your wet jet. With the cap still on the bottle of cleaning solution, insert it into the wet jet. Now, add the disposable cleaning pad to the mop head bottom and you are all ready to clean.

Some important features of a wet jet are:

  • The multi purpose cleaning solution is powerful enough to break up and dissolve dirt, and grease quickly and easily. Your house smells fresh and clean after washing the floors and there is no hazing or streaks remaining.

  • For rooms such as your bathrooms and kitchen, there is an antibacterial cleaning solution available, which kills up to 99.9 percent of all household bacteria.

  • For wood floors, you can purchase a special wood floor cleaner that brings out your wood floors natural luster and beauty.

  • The flexible swivel head lets you reach into places that a regular mop misses.

  • You remove even tough, stubborn, dried on messes, quickly and easily with the scrubbing head on your wet jet. All you do is either flip the mop head onto its side using the floor or your foot.

  • You no longer drag out a bucket, mop and cleaning solution because your wet jet has a powerful nozzle that spreads the cleaning solution evenly over your floors, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Finally, yet importantly, is the thick, super-absorbent, disposable cleaning pad, which pulls the dirt and dust deep inside so it does not redeposit this onto your floors. Cleanup is simply throwing away the dirty pad, putting a new one on and you are ready for the next time.

The Swiffer wet jet does an excellent and thorough job cleaning floors, high-traffic areas, spilled drinks, tracked in mud and dirt, tough stains and entire floors.

The days of slaving with a mop and bucket are gone. Be nice to yourself and make cleaning a lot easier with a Swiffer wet jet.

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