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The Amazing Swiffer Sweeper

Brooms and dustpans are outdated now that the Swiffer sweeper is available. Spending hours cleaning your home, sweeping your floors, using a dustpan to pick up the dirt and then finding dust bunnies or fine particles of dirt and dust that escaped is upsetting.

Most people do not like to clean and it is certainly disheartening when you finish cleaning only to notice that the floor you though was clean is not.

A Swiffer sweeper does not just move the dirt around but actually traps dust, hair, dirt and other filth and locks those particles in unlike most traditional cleaning methods.

It is safe and does a great job on most surfaces including ceramic tile, laminate, finished wood, marble and tile. You should not use a Swiffer on oiled, non-sealed tiles, waxed wooden boards, carpeted or unfinished floors.

The Swiffer has both dry cloths and wet clothes so they clean like a broom and a mop and often catching dirt that others leave behind.

When purchasing the Swiffer for the first time, they have a small or large starter kit that includes the sweeper, dry clothes and wet clothes.

The dry clothes come in both unscented and fresh citrus scent and all have the deep v-shaped ridges that let them pick up such things as dust bunnies, crumbs, pet hair and other dirt. Dry clothes do a wonderful job in so many places such as:

  • Use them on the ceiling, walls, across the top of doorframes and baseboards to remove dust and cobwebs that are difficult to reach. This is especially handy just before you are going to wash or paint your room. No matter how large your room is, you will be completely amazed at how fast and easy this makes the job.

  • With its swiveling head, it works perfect for the top of fridges, bookshelves, shelving and other hard to reach places, making it almost effortless to clean.

  • Use them on most of the floors in your home. They reach easily under appliances, furniture, electronics, beds and other areas that are often difficult to get into. In the bathroom, they fit around and behind the toilet gathering up dirt, dust and hair that hides there.

  • Once you finish cleaning, simply toss the used dry cloth in the garbage, put a new one on, and you are ready for the next time you need to clean.

The wet clothes are perfect for wax and no wax linoleum, finished wood floors and ceramic floors.

They bring out the natural shine and luster of your floors, dissolve the tough, ground in dirt and grime, without having to use several different cleaning products. When someone spills a drink, it is easy to clean up.

Pet messes, footprints and drips from juice and other liquids clean up in a wink. A quick once-over in your entranceway or foyer makes it look inviting when guests arrive.

A Swiffer sweeper is perfect if you have young children, for cleaning up around the toddler's seat or high chair. There is a scrubbing strip on the wet clothes, which help you remove dried on messes, spills, dirt and are great for the tougher tasks.

The secret to the cleaning power of wet clothes is the advanced cleaning solution they are pre-soaked in, which dissolves grime, dirt and tough spots. It quickly removes them from your floor pulling it into the wet cloth. When you finish cleaning, simply throw the wet cloth away.

Cleaning with a Swiffer sweeper almost makes cleaning less like a chore and more like fun.

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