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Swiffer Sweeper Vac for the Ultimate Cleaning Experience

Say goodbye to your broom, dustpan and floor sweeper when you get a Swiffer sweeper vac. The best way to purchase your sweeper vac is by getting a starter kit, which has everything you need. You get a rechargeable sweeper vacuum, battery re-charger and disposable sweeping cloths.

The sweeper vac is like having a broom, dustpan and sweeper all in one unit. You can pick up dust, dirt, pet hair and tiny particles with the dry cloth and larger particles with the vacuum.

Because it is compact, lightweight and easy to handle, cleaning in hard to reach places and around and under furniture is easy and quick.

You do not need vacuum bags because the sweeper vac has a canister, which you remove, empty and replace. This not only saves you money but also cuts down on shopping because you do not have to search for bags that fit a specific vacuum.

The Swiffer sweeper vac does a great job cleaning vinyl, wood and tiles floor, under furniture and appliances, while picking up both small and large food and dirt particles. Some of the unique, superior features are:

  • It has a powerful vacuum that picks up larger dirt and food particles with ease.

  • The dry cloths have deep v-shaped ridges that not only trap but also lock in the dust, hair, dirt and other smaller particles.

    Watch dust bunnies, pet hair, crumbs and dirt disappear quickly and easily and then just throw away the dirty cloth. They are available in unscented and a citrus scent that smells fresh and clean.

    These clothes are available in small packs of sixteen up to large packs of sixty-four, so you have less chance of running out of dry cloths.

  • The removable dirt canister does away with bags and removes with a simple push of a button.

  • This compact, lightweight sweeper vac has the control on the handle for easy operation.

Instead of having to lug out a large vacuum, just grab your Swiffer sweeper vac to clean inside your closets, under appliances, furniture and around pet areas.

Within minutes, all the dirt, crumbs, hair, dust and other grime will disappear, making it look like you spent hours cleaning. Be sure to charge the batteries for twenty-four hours before you use your sweeper vac for the very first time.

Never use an adapter that belongs to something else. By using the correct adapter and running down the battery between uses, you get the best performance using your Swiffer sweeper vac.

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