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Swiffer Mops Make Spills Disappear

When someone accidentally spills their drink or tracks mud onto people's clean floors instead of worrying and grabbing buckets, mops and cleaning solutions, smart housekeepers reach for their Swiffer mops.

The spills and stains that suddenly appear out of nowhere disappear equally as fast using your Swiffer. This is especially handy when your company is arriving and there is not enough time to wash your entire floor, so you grab your Swiffer and clean the dirty spot.

Battery run and with the cleaning solution already in the mop, quick and easy floor cleanups are perfect for large, busy families that see a lot of traffic through their home.

The mops come in a starter pack that includes the mop, cleaning solution, four AA batteries and cleaning pads. This mop requires very little assembly as you just fit the handle together and pop the cleaning solution into the dispenser.

Prior to using, they suggest you prime the pump to ensure the cleaning solution goes through the mop properly. In addition, check your batteries periodically to keep the pump working efficiently.

Swiffer mops are lightweight, easy to use and have a flexible swivel head so you can reach those hard to get at places, such as tight corners, around the toilets, and under furniture.

The mop has a tough, scrubber on the side of the head for those extra tough spills and stain cleanup. Because of the cleaning solutions available for your mop, they safely clean linoleum, stone, vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood and marble floors.

The mops extra absorbent, triple layered, disposable cleaning pad cleans stains and spills quickly and the floor surface is dry almost immediately after mopping.

The Swiffer mop is so easy to use and lightweight, that a child can clean up after their pet or themselves. This is certainly a bonus for most busy parents.

For people that go on vacations in their camper or to a cottage, Swiffer mops take up very little space and are completely portable.

Instead of gathering up a bunch of floor cleaning supplies or buying them when you get to your destination, just unpack your Swiffer mop, snap it together and you are all ready for a quick and easy cleanup.

Sweep your camper out and use your mop to remove any stains or spills, so your floors look sparkling fresh and clean. Swiffer mops are one cleaning product that make floor cleaning an almost pleasant experience.

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