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Tips For Starting A House Cleaning Business

Starting a house cleaning business is not as simple as grabbing your mop and bucket and heading out to work. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made to get your new business off to a great start. Advance planning, advertising, establishing a customer base and getting started on the right foot are the key points to consider.

Advance Planning

Take the time to sit down and develop a business plan, even if it is just the basics. As a new business you will need to consider issues such as supplies, insurance, transportation and whether you will be doing this on your own or if you will start with employees. Each of these components is an expense that has to be paid out before you start to have an income.

Cleaning supplies will be one of the most important components of a house cleaning business. The house cleaning service provides all supplies, so you will need cleaning products for all the rooms in the house including floors, carpets, tiles, bathrooms and kitchens. In addition you may require specialized products for removing stains of various kinds from carpet, upholstery or drapery. Some people may also have pets and you will need to be prepared to clean and deodorize houses that have pets.

Insurance will be important to protect yourself and your assets in the event that there is any damage or issues while you are cleaning the house. Liability insurance is usually all that is required; however checking with an insurance agent in your area will help you get all the insurance coverage that you need. In addition most areas will require a business license and also a tax number if applicable.

Usually most entrepreneurs starting a house cleaning business will start with just themselves as employees and then increase their staff as the customer base increases. If you are planning on starting with employees be sure that they will represent your company appropriately and are fully trained and very professional in their demeanor and attitude. Criminal checks and background information should be collected on all employees.


Advertising can be a very expensive part of starting a house cleaning business. To keep advertising costs low consider making your own brochures or leaflets and distributing to key locations. Word of mouth is often the best advertising for a house cleaning business. Business cards are very important, and be sure to leave several at each customer's house for them to share with others. This combines both word of mouth advertising along with the written business card.

Advertising in yellow pages, newspapers and community information boards are often very expensive with little if any return on your investment.Most business advisers recommend targeting your customer base rather than broad advertising such as yellow pages and papers create.


Having the right type of vehicle to move all your supplies as required in one trip is very important, especially once you get several customers. A van or small truck is often the best option. Be sure to advertise on the side of the vehicle, as people in the neighborhood will see your vehicle at their neighbors house and will start to inquire about your service.

Establishing a customer base is very important. Be sure to make a point of telephoning, or even better meeting in person, at least three to five new customers a day. Hand out cards, brochures, and even talk to apartment managers and other professional that would be in a position to recommend your services. Be sure to stay on schedules and always call ahead if you cannot make a scheduled cleaning or are going to be late.

Starting a house cleaning business is a wonderful way to turn your abilities into a lucrative business where you can be your own boss.

house cleaning business
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