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Sodium Carbonate Soap Cleaners

Sodium carbonate soap cleaners are powerful cleaners which get tough dirt out.

They are said to be more powerful than other cleaners and are hard to get.

To give you an idea of the efficiency of sodium carbonate soap cleaners, here are some points to note about sodium carbonate:

  • Used for water softening. Great for solving your hard water problems especially since hard water wastes soaps.
  • Used for cleaning and laundry
  • Also used in the manufacture of glass (not relevant for doing the laundry).

So, sodium carbonate soap cleaners main effective duty when it comes to cleaning is...

Removing the temporary and permanent hardness of water and enable the soap cleaner to do it job.

How does this happen?

Hardness is caused by dissolved calcium and magnesium sulphate. When the sodium carbonate reacts with calcium ions or magnesium ions, they form an insoluble carbonate.

Hence no dissolved calcium and magnesium ion equals no hard water.

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